Koketka Fluorospot Series

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SV Fishing Koketka Spoons

Fluoroscent Spot Series

Bright colours with metallic spots to reflect light and attract fish.

Koketka spoon became an outright bestseller for the fact it's ability to attract and catch the most diverse variety of fish in virtually any conditions. Its rhythmical sweeping motions retain stability both in fast and slow presentations. Owing to this the lure can be used at different depths, in still water and in moving streams.

Koketka has an excellent action when presenting on stream and does not fail into the spin in fast retrieval. Lure’s single hook is a tremendous advantage when angling for fish in plant-filled still water. It easily passes through thin water lilies, causing no problems for hooking and holding a fish. The spoon starts working at the slowest speed and can be presented at various depths. In each case it remains attractive for fish. That is the Koketka’s secret!

KA21 21 mm 1,2 g Single Vanfook SP-41MB #10
KA25 25 mm 2 g Single Vanfook SP-41MB #8
KA25 HW 25 mm 2,6 g Single Vanfook SP-41MB #8
KA30 30 mm 3 g Single Vanfook SP-41MB #6
KA30 HW 30 mm 3,8 g Single Vanfook SP-41MB #6
KA40 40 mm 7 g Single Vanfook SP-41MB #2
KA50 50 mm 10 g Single Vanfook SP-41MB #1/0
KA50 HW 50 mm 13,5 g Single Vanfook SP-41MB #1/0