About Us

Gunners Tacklebox

Getting outdoors doesn't need to cost an arm and a leg. Gunners Tacklebox was born to offer products to the everyday outdoors man. The working person who might not be able to afford all the newest and most expensive equipment, the beginner just starting out and not sure if it's something they would like or not, or the parent teaching their kids and not wanting to see their $20+ lure stuck in a tree.

In the years we've grown from a single table at various craft and vendor shows, to our mobile trailer store, to our online presence. Our selection has increase the same from whatever we could get originally, to our own lines of Gunners Own/Terminal Tackle/ Chillydog ice fishing, to well known national brands and finally exclusive distribution and first to market of various unique European lines.

Almost twenty years of retail experience backs the founder of Gunners Tacklebox. From the bottom floor working as part time clerks, to back room and warehouse operations, to upper level management. Over the years we've become adept at sourcing product, finding the best deals possible for the best quality. Streamlining processes and eliminating middlemen to keep costs as low as possible. Our products are tested and evaluated before ever hitting the shelves to ensure that they will work for you as expected.

Our goals are simple, keep overhead costs down, keep interest bearing debts down, and ultimately keep prices down for our customers.




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